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GeneticsBiologyBIOS_2050Understanding many of the advances taking place in biology and medicine requires a good understanding of genetics. This course discusses both classical and modern genetics. UndergraduateBiology
Principles of MarketingBusiness ManagementBSAD_1010This course features a survey of the distributive fields, their functions, and interrelationships. The course covers the concept and strategies of the marketing mix; the application of marketing concepts in both consumer and business to business environments; and controversial marketing topics, including ethical challenges of advertising. UndergraduateBusiness Management
Mechanical Print ReadingIndustrial & Commercial TradesINCT_1050This course develops the skills required for visualizing and interpreting industrial prints and freehand technical sketching. Topics include identifying prints, drafting and print-reading procedures, machining specifications, geometric dimensioning, and applied mathematics.UndergraduateIndustrial & Commercial Trades
Applied MathematicsMathematicsMATH_1240Students develop and apply the mathematical skills needed to solve problems related in industrial occupations. Students enroll in the mastery-based modular course with the intent of completing one of two strands. Placement is determined by the instructor and is based on the students' majors. Each strand satisfies the objectives for the course, but is contextualized to meet students' individual needs. Topics include applications of arithmetic skills, measurement, elementary algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. UndergraduateMathematics
Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) - AluminumWeldingWELD_2230This is an advanced course covering gas metal arc welding of aluminum in all positions using short-circuit, spray, and pulsed-spray modes of metal transfer.UndergraduateWelding
Flux-Cored Arc Welding IIWeldingWELD_2241This course covers gas-shielded and self-shielded flux-cored arc welding in the horizontal and overhead positions using semiautomatic equipment.UndergraduateWelding
Intermediate AlgebraMathematicsMATH_1310This course extends basic algebra skills and provides the background necessary for further mathematics courses. Topics include linear, quadratic, polynomial, radical, and rational equations; systems of linear equations; rational exponents and polynomial factoring; rational and radical expressions; complex numbers; and graphs of linear and quadratic functions.UndergraduateMathematics
Long-Term Care - CNAHealthHLTH_1200The course meets the Nebraska Health and Human Services System training requirements for nursing assistant certification and employment in long-term care facilities. The course combines classroom lecture, laboratory application, and clinical experience for development of basic skills needed to care for the elderly. Course content focuses on teaching nursing assistants to provide safe, effective, and caring services to the elderly or chronically ill patients of any age in a long-term care facility.UndergraduateHealth
Human Relations SkillsHuman RelationsHMRL_1010This is an introductory course in interpersonal skills, stressing the importance of utilizing those skills in the workplace. Students are presented with opportunities to become more effective, discerning, ethical, flexible, perceptive, and understanding in both professional and personal endeavors. Special attention is given to appropriate communication skills, multinational and diversity awareness, teamwork, and job-seeking skills as applied to an increasingly customer-oriented workplace. UndergraduateHuman Relation Skills
Calculus IIIMathematicsMATH_2412Topics include polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates. The course covers parametric equations and vectors in the plane and in space, including solid analytic geometry. It also includes vector-valued functions, functions of several variables, and multiple integrations.UndergraduateMathematics