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Basic Residential PlumbingPlumbing TechnologyPLBG_1020Students continue to learn the residential side of plumbing, focusing mainly on wood structures, materials, and tools. The items discussed in this course direct attention on wood-framed structures such as single and multi-family dwellings along with the different types of materials and tools that are commonly used with these structures.UndergraduatePlumbing Technology
Fashion IllustrationFashion DesignFASH_2100This course explores the use and techniques of free-hand sketching using a variety of media to communicate ideas, concepts, details, and embellishments. Portfolio-ready projects explore sources of inspiration, drawing the fashion figure, rendering techniques of various fabrics and materials, and garment detailing. UndergraduateFashion Design
Intermediate Digital PhotographyPhotographyPHOT_2025Students refine and extend techniques involving scanning and digital camerawork, control of image quality, and color-managed output options. The course emphasizes greater understanding and more precise control of image input, asset management, and computer-based printing. Students produce a portfolio of creative work based on aesthetic and conceptual criteria.UndergraduatePhotography
Business Plan CapstoneBusiness ManagementBSAD_2940The capstone course is an independent study course where students demonstrate competencies in the areas of management, finance, accounting, and report writing by developing a draft and finalized business plan on a student-faculty agreed upon business concept. Part of the requirement of this course is a comprehensive exam covering accounting, management, marketing, and general business topics. (Cross-listed as ACCT 2940)UndergraduateBusiness Management
Network InfrastructureInformation TechnologyINFO_2135This course is for support professionals who need to know how to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot a Microsoft Windows Server 2012r2 environment. It gives new and experienced users alike the opportunity for in-depth study of the core networking technologies. The approach is to work through hands-on labs done on servers in a virtual environment provided to the students. The focus on network infrastructure involves, but is not limited to, configuring DNS, DHCP, routing, NAT, VPNs, and a basic understanding of TCP/IP v4 and v6. UndergraduateInformation Technology
Residential DesignInterior DesignINTD_1220This course is a study of residential interior design with emphasis on circulation, social, private, and work spaces. Analysis and application of space planning, codes, lighting, electrical and mechanical, fixtures, ergonomics, materials and finishes, and basic construction techniques are demonstrated through portfolio-ready items. UndergraduateInterior Design
Intermediate CeramicsArtARTS_2150This course continues and deepens the exploration of skills, concepts, and history of studio ceramics begun in ARTS 2050. Students are coached in problem-seeking and problem-solving and encouraged to identify and negotiate the path(s) to creation they wish to take forward. In addition to learning to plan and fabricate more complex forms, students participate in loading and firing electric and gas (when available) kilns, discuss material and equipment sourcing, and become aware of opportunities for continuing their studio practice in and out of the academic setting.UndergraduateArt
Intermediate AlgebraMathematicsMATH_1310This course extends basic algebra skills and provides the background necessary for further mathematics courses. Topics include linear, quadratic, polynomial, radical, and rational equations; systems of linear equations; rational exponents and polynomial factoring; rational and radical expressions; complex numbers; and graphs of linear and quadratic functions.UndergraduateMathematics
Information Systems and LiteracyInformation TechnologyINFO_1001This course introduces students to computer technology concepts and skills needed to be successful in their academic and professional lives. Topics include hardware, desktop and cloud-based applications, computer ethics, effective research techniques, security, and the Internet. NOTE: A basic understanding of computer systems is recommended prior to taking this course. Students desiring to take a basic introductory computer course should enroll in WORK 0900 Introduction to Microcomputer Technology. For students who feel they have mastered the concepts taught in this course, an INFO 1001 competency test is available in the Testing Centers.UndergraduateInformation Technology
Public SpeakingSpeechSPCH_1110This course provides both theoretical basis and practical instruction for speaking effectively in public. Topics include topic selection, audience analysis, speech preparation and organization, support of speeches with credible research, strategic and creative language use, effective listening and delivery skills, and common types of public speeches. Placement at the English 1010 level is strongly recommended for student success in this course. UndergraduateSpeech